Guidelines For the Set-up of Cocktail/ Sit-down Receptions Print E-mail

A. All events/performances with cocktail/sit-down receptions in any of the abovementioned venues and spaces shall be the coordinated with the following prior to ingress/ set-up:

    1. Visual arts and Museo Division / VLMA Dept. for exhibit openings and other related activities.
    2. Venue Management Division/ Theater Operations Dept. - for events/shows in the performace and alternative venues.

B. A proforma letter-request (ANNEX A) shall be filled up by the lessee/requesting party during the production meeting, indicationg the details of the reception set-up/activity.

C. Caterers shall provide their own equipment and personnel to oversee the set-up and strike-down/egress of the reception. All persons, effects and equipment for this purpose shall be subject to the standard CCP security provisions and institutional policies.

D. No additional set-up/movement by the caterer shall be allowed during audience accommodation and/or start of the event/performance except for replenishment. 

E. Any movement/transfer of exhibit pieces/artworks is strictly prohibited.

F. Standee/lights (if any) should not be directed to paintings and should be installed two(2) meters away from the artworks.

G. Cleanliness is the area shall be maintained with properly lined trash/garbage bins. Washing of utensils is strictly prohibited within CCP premises. The caterer must have enough utensils for the entire number of expected guests. 

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