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Kindly ensure that the following information are available/ready in time for the scheduled production meeting:



 A.Program Concerns:

  • Title of the Show/Event
  • Type of Production (Drama, Music, Dance, Film, Exhibit Opening, Awards/Conferment, etc.)
  • Event Classification Rating (Suitable for Kids, PG, Restricted, etc.)
  • Featured Artists
  • Synopsis of Performance
  • Program Breakdown
  • Running Time (Per number/part; including breaks and intervals, if any)
  • Speeches / Announcements
  • Voice-Over Requirement/Talents
  • Production Outfit (Lessee, CCP Co-Produced, Resident Company)
  • Documentation (Names and positions/see Annex A)

1.Still Photo
3.*Multi-cam set-up for TV Broadcast
4.Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
(* with additional charge to Production / Documentation Fee)

  • Seating Arrangements

1.Numbered and/or First-Come, First-Served Basis / Sectioning / Blocks
2.Reserved Seats
       a.Expected VIP’s / National Artists
       b.Protocol and Security Arrangement

3.Other Auditorium Set-up/s Affecting the Seats (i.e. stage extension, projector set-up, etc.)

  • Audience Participation / Involvement
  • Use of the House Area (by the artist/s) During Performance Proper
  • Provision for Latecomers
  • Other Accommodation Requirements/Arrangement (i.e. With supplemental Ushering Complement, Gate Watchers, Lobby Table and Other Lobby set-up)


B.Other Concerns:

  • Prices of Tickets
  • For Non-Revenue Event: Invitational, Free Admission

1.Ticket Distribution Procedure/Mechanics
     b.Upon arrival / entrance to the gate

2. Invitations (Dead Sample)

  • Souvenir rogram (For Sale or Free) / Prices
  • Other Items for Sales/Prices
  • Sponsors (Commitment/s if any)
  • Merchandising or Promotional Set-up (Guidelines is included in the Booking Guidelines kit that was given by the Booking Office)
  • Post Performance Cocktail Reception (Buffet, Pass around, Sit Down/ Full Meal, Packed, etc.)

2.Food Quantity (Good for all / Selected Few)
3.Ingress/Egress Schedule
4.Checklist (Staff and Equipment to be brought in)

  • Flower & Other On-Stage Assignments and/or Escorting requirements
  • Well-Wishers & Autograph Signing
  • Open Dress rehearsal
      1. Expected and Number of Audience (CCP employees, Parents/Guardians, Relatives, etc.)
      2. Schedule
  • Other Notes (Open to Cameras, latecomers, Director’s Table, Show Treatment: Uninterrupted / Performance Level, “Stop and Go’ option of the director, etc.)



  • Production Schedule
  • List of Production Personnel (Director, Lighting/Set/Costume Designer/Choreographers, Stage Managers, etc.)
  • Technical Plan

1.Set/Stage Design Construction Drawing
2.Lighting Lay-out
3.Sound Requirement/Lay-out
4.Video Lay-out

  • Sequence Guide/Technical Script

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