How to make an inquiry or reservation Print E-mail

Step 1. Fill out the registration form complete with your contact details. A confirmation email will be sent to you once a successful registration is completed. Make sure to indicate your correct/valid email address.

Step 2. Check your email (including your spam box/junk mail) to confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided. An email will then be sent informing that your account has been activated. Thereafter, you can then log in to access your account and use the CCP Venues Online Booking System.

Step 3. Look for the Venue Availability Column on the right corner of the webpage and choose a venue. After checking out the calendar of the venue availability, you can either choose to click INQUIRE or BOOK NOW:

    INQUIRE will send an email to the Production and Exhibition Department (PED) - Booking Section to notify them of your requirements/  inquiries.

    BOOK NOW will automatically mark the calendar date as 'provisionally booked' for your event.   It will also provide a tentative computation and payment summary of your venue requirement. 

Step 4. Your INQUIRY/BOOK NOW provisional booking shall be reviewed by the PED Booking Section. You will then be notified by phone or by email for the next course/s of action re your booking status.

Step 5. Once your reservation has been approved, the PED Booking Section will change your "Provisionally Booked" to "Booked" status on the Venues Online Booking System calendar containing all the information of your show/event.

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